Handling the heat: Plasma Welding Torch – the Viper MC

December 13, 2017 Account admin

handle the heat with PWP

Here at PWP Industrial, we’re always coming up against new challenges, and when a client approached us with an unusual welding torch requirement, we got straight to work on a solution to help you handle the heat.

The requirement

They required a heavy-duty plasma welding torch that could handle very high levels of radiant heat, as all the torches they have previously tried had melted from the outside. Usually when a plasma welding torch is working at too high a power setting they melt/burn from the inside, hence this was a novel situation for the team at PWP!

The PWP solution

Our solution was to modify a heavy-duty, metal-bodied plasma CUTTING torch, converting it into a very heavy duty plasma WELDING torch and making the lead set to connect it to the power source. The modifications centred around the pilot arc circuit, nozzle seating and the electrode holder. The electrode holder had been modified to accept the PWP screw-in plasma welding electrodes as used in our range of plasma welding torches.

We successfully created the HD36 Plasma Welding Torch – meeting all the requirements, and resulting in one very happy client!

Do you have unusual welding requirements for your project? Get in touch today and learn how to handle the heat with PWP!