What is PWP Industrial?

First and foremost, PWP Industrial is a UK welding supplier with an overriding aim to help and assist the Metal Fabrication Industry in being the best it can be. With over 25 years of experience, PWP has developed into an industry-leading Customer Service company. We have the knowledge that the rapid supply of the right welding products at the right time enables our clients to become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

PWP Industrial is committed to helping Manufacturers make something better

Our Solutions

Today we continue to focus on providing solutions and building relationships, rather than merely making sales. Our unwavering commitment to problem-solving has been the driving force in transforming PWP into a well established and committed family business.

Our Vision

We have a vision, to put quality equipment in the hands of welders, to help them in all industries to become more efficient, productive and profitable. In carrying out our vision, we adopt a personal approach to sales, taking a real and active interest in your business and helping you to find more economical and practical ways to get your welding jobs done.

Our People

Our skilled team has extensive experience in the welding industry. This means everyone in our sales, administration, finance, store, and service departments are equipped to help you find the welding solution you seek. As a result, we are able to offer all-around assistance, advice and after-sales service.

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It's all about you

Quality of Service

Covering the UK using the courier network gives you unprecedented service.


We are uniquely equipped to help you, from mirrors, to weld pipes in submarines, to special welding torches for the nuclear industry.

Honesty & Integrity

PWP Industrial’s habit of paying suppliers before it’s time makes for excellent supply chain relationships.

Care & Respect

PWP Industrial respects its customers and goes the extra mile to help them “Make Something Better”.

How does PWP supply?

Extensive and comprehensive stock-lines held in our warehouse in Bedford are shipped by overnight courier to customers throughout the UK ensuring all areas are covered daily. PWP Industrial also works closely with its suppliers to provide industry-leading advice/back-up and ensure products are available to the customer at the shortest possible lead-time.

What does PWP supply?

We primarily supply the Metal Fabrication industry with welding consumables, torches and parts, equipment etc. extensive knowledge, hands-on experience and the ability to create bespoke products enable us to work with both the customer and manufacturers to provide the best and most profitable solution.