Custom Welding Solutions

January 29, 2024 Account Jeremy Fryer

two male welders discussing custom welding solutions whilst contoling a robotic welding arm

Some projects are entirely unique, requiring custom solutions to complete, and it can be challenging to know who to rely on for high-quality bespoke tools and materials. PWP has a long history of building bespoke tools to achieve high-quality projects as envisaged by our clients. 

Custom solutions have many benefits, individually and for companies with large output. Streamlining production is one of the substantial benefits which allows for greater productivity and efficiency, resulting in better-quality final products within a shorter timescale. 

Additionally, custom solutions are known to be more cost-effective in the long term than standard products. While initial customisation costs are often high, in the long term, these tailored products will have considerably longer lifespans and are less likely to break due to the details put into their construction. The product’s frequent use rationalises its cost as the likelihood of paying for repairs is minimal.

The most significant benefit of custom solutions is the overall workflow and production improvement resulting from bespoke tools. 

User-tailored tools and materials are easier to use and allow for serious precision and efficiency, resulting in better overall workflow, production improvement and higher-quality outcomes. 

It’s also worth noting that PWP can make bespoke tools to increase the safety of welders. One of our team members can easily build a tool that aids and keeps you safe through discussion, ensuring its lasting quality. The design can incorporate features such as shields and ventilation, reducing potential hazards like sparks and exposure to harmful gases. 

The addition of safety mechanisms can also extend to PPE in the form of ergonomic handles and emission control systems. Also, automated features can be added to your tools to help regulate the welding parameters and control the arc, giving the user greater control over their project. Better control over welding tools significantly decreases the risk of injury, enabling welders to finish their projects safely and efficiently. 

If you would like to learn more about custom welding solutions by PWP, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.