NEW! – Fronius TransTig 170MV DC Inverter Dual Voltage (230V/110V) TIG Set c/w Torch, Earth Lead & Case

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Fronius TT170MV – 170 Amps DC TIG Package complete, lightweight and portable.

  • Multi-Voltage – 110V & 240V
  • DC TIG Welding, Pulsing & TAC Function
  • MMA Welding of standard & CEL electrodes
  • GENERATOR-COMPATIBLE including overvoltage protection of up to 400 V without damage
  • USB UPDATES – Protected inside the housing this allows special processes to be updated and system information to be read easily
  • EASY CHANGING OF MAINS CABLE / PLUG – Easy and quick changing of the mains cable/plug as required on site or in the workshop due to a water-tight, lockable plug connection on the back side of the machine (Fronius Power Plug)
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