2017 has been the year for product innovation!

December 13, 2017 Account admin

2017 Product Highlights plasma cutting

We’ve had another busy year full of achievements and product developments here at PWP, here’s a look back at our 2017 Product Highlights

99MBN Plasma Welding Torches

Due to the healthy requirement from the nuclear reprocessing industry, we have seen a growing demand for the 99MBN Plasma Welding Torches. Check out our video on the unusual features of this product here.


We modified this heavy-duty plasma cutting torch into a very heavy duty plasma welding torch! This was for a specific application in the additive manufacturing development programme. Check out the HD36 Plasma Welding Torch here.

Welding Lathe

Incorporating the first new Fronius 250Kg rotator in the UK, this welding lathe covers 50 – 250mm dia by 0-500mm long workpieces. The new Fronius rotator talks directly to the MIG welding machine calling the jobs upon demand.

Nuclear Weld Data Loggers

2017 saw an urgent need from the nuclear industry for weld data loggers with bespoke software to fit exact specifications. Alongside Triton Electronics, we fulfilled this requirement in very short lead time.

Bohler tubular hard facing wire

The UTP AF Robotic 600 Seamless Cores Hardfacing Wire has solved a significant problem for a particular customer who manufacturers auger bits. So far in 2017, they have ordered 1500Kg of this high-quality wire from us!

A fantastic year for Fronius sales

2017 was a fantastic year for sales of the Fronius welding machines; in fact, there has been a staggering 60% increase.

Special 200Kg aluminium wire bulk pack

A customer required a 200Kg bulk pack of 1.2mm aluminium 5182 welding wire! With the help of Veostalpine Bohler, this material was successfully produced and applied to the robotic welding setup.

What’s been your key product of the year?

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