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Fronius Welding Machines

Increase your production and profitability
Fronius Pulsed MIG & CMT welding machines can often be used on jobs that are conventionally welded by the TIG process, substantially increasing welding speeds. Inverter technology makes for more power efficiency with potentially substantial savings in energy usage.

Improve your product appearance and quality
With Fronius Pulsed MIG & CMT welding machines, spatter-free welding can be achieved on most materials with a high quality weld bead appearance. High integrity welds can be reproduced time after time.

Improve your flexibility
Take on Aluminium, Stainless Steel and MIG brazing jobs with confidence. High efficiency inverter technology decreases the size and weight of the equipment while increasing the power available. The result is equipment that can tackle most welding jobs and yet be easily moved around while using the available power supply.

Digital control means you are in control
Welding parameters can be set simply and easily. Job programs can be stored and retrieved to give perfect repeatability.

Peace of mind
Fronius equipment is built to the highest standards and specifications bearing in mind the tough environment welding equipment is used in. Many years of trouble-free use is to be expected from these quality machines.