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Cutting goggles, safety specs and visors
Goggles, Safety Specs & Visors
Code Safety Specs      
52-009 3M 2720 Clear Safety Specs      
52-010 3M 2721 Smoked Safety Specs      
52-011 3M 2722 Yellow Safety Specs      
52-024 3M 2845 Dark Gas Welding Specs      
Code Goggles      
52-000 Sky-Type Gas Cutting Goggles      
52-003 2in dia Round Flip-front Gas Cutting Goggles      
52-023 UVEX Dark Cutting Goggles      
Code Face Visors      
53-000 Blue-Eagle Clear Visor Complete      
53-002 Blue-Eagle 4EW Dark Visor Complete      
53-003 Blue-Eagle Spare Clear Visor      
53-005 Blue-Eagle Spare 4EW Dark Visor Complete