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Welding Gauntlets and Rigger Gloves
Welding Gauntlets & Gloves
Code TIG Gauntlets 1pk 2pk 6pk+
55-003 Standard TIG Gauntlets (Pk 10 pairs)      
55-004 Ultima Gold TIG Gauntlets (Pk 10 pairs)      
55-030M Weldas ‘Softouch’ Pigskin TIG Gauntlets Medium (pair)      
55-030L Weldas ‘Softouch’ Pigskin TIG Gauntlets Large (pair)      
55-030XL Weldas ‘Softouch’ Pigskin TIG Gauntlets X-Large (pair)      
55-030XXL Weldas ‘Softouch’ Pigskin TIG Gauntlets XX-Large (pair)      
Code Welding Gauntlets 1pk 2pk 6pk+
55-000 Lined Gauntlets - Green (Pk 12 pairs)      
55-001 Heavy Duty Gauntlets - Blue (Pk 12 pairs)      
55-002 Heavy Duty Gauntlets - Red (Pk 12 pairs)      
55-042 Weldas Premium Welding Gauntlets (pair)   - -
Code Rigger Gloves 1pk 2pk 6pk+
55-008 Cat 2 Chrome Leather Rigger Gloves (Pk 12 pairs)      
Code Lightweight Nylon Gloves 10x 60x 100+
55-019C PU Palm Coated Nylon Gloves Size 8 (pair)      
55-020 PU Palm Coated Nylon Gloves Size 9 (pair)      
55-021 PU Palm Coated Nylon Gloves Size 10 (pair)      
Code North NF-14E Gloves 12x 60x 144+
55-053 North 'Green Grip' Gloves Size 9 (pair)      
55-054 North 'Green Grip' Gloves Size 10 (pair)