Everything for the professional welder menu base
Lubricants for the welding industry
Lubricants: Anti-Spatter, Cutting Oils, Cutting Pastes, Pickling Pastes
Code Anti-Spatter      
81-002 Binzel Aerosol Anti-Spatter Spray      
Code Water-based Anti-Spatter      
81-003 Therma-Tec Anti-Spatter 1L Pump Spray      
81-004 Therma-Tec Anti-Spatter 5L Refill Drum      
81-004D Therma-Tec Anti-Spatter 25L Refill Drum      
Code Anti-Spatter Pastes      
81-005A SIF Tip Dip Anti-Spatter Paste 225ml      
81-005 SIF Tip Dip Anti-Spatter Paste 500ml      
Code Cutting Oils & Pastes      
81-008 Safe-Cut Neat Cutting Oil 250ml Bottle      
81-009 Safe-Cut Neat Cutting Oil 400ml Aerosol      
81-010 Safe-Cut Neat Cutting Oil 5L Drum      
81-015 Rocol RTD Cutting Compound 50g      
81-016 Rocol RTD Cutting Compound 500g      
Code Pickling Pastes & St/St Cleaners      
86-000 Pelox TS Pickling Paste 2kg      
86-002 Pelox TS-K Pickling Paste 2kg Tub (Green)      
86-003 Polinox P Rapid Pickling Paste 2kg Tub (Red)      
86-001 1in Pickling Paste Brush      
86-006 2in Pickling Paste Brush      
86-004 Pelox Cleaner Plus 3000 1kg