Everything for the professional welder menu base
Fits all standard gas cylinders
Tests show that Synergisers will save you 30 to 70 per cent gas usage

In the last decade, many inert gases have been steadily going up in price. This increase can add to your manufacturing cost and begin to affect your ability to compete. Syner-G has been proven to save between 30% and 70% of total gas usage in many production environments... typically a 6 to 12 month return on investment!

Gas Saving Regulators
Code Syner-G Gas Regulators      
25-315 S20 Grenade (Machine Mounted)      
25-320 S25 Compipe (Pipeline Systems)      
25-324 S35 Compact Side Entry Synergiser      
25-325 S35 Compact Bottom Entry Synergiser